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How to Successfully Build and Manage Your Talent Pool

Talent Pooling

Having your own database of quality talent sets your hiring strategies up for future success.

Before using external sourcing methods, you can utilise your own talent pool to fill open positions first.

By being pro-active in this way, you can hire quality talent for less, saving a considerable amount of time and money. Who would not want that?

But to ensure your pipeline delivers, you must manage it effectively. Here is how.




Recruitment Software 

First, you need a place to store the data. Recruitment software that allows you to manage your whole hiring process and your talent pool is what you should look for. This way you can keep everything organised in one place, allowing you to filter candidates straight into your pipeline directly from the hiring process.


Meeting GDPR Regulations

The data you store must be GDPR compliant. You need to make sure that the data you collect has gone through the official processes to ensure your compliance. The recruitment software you use should do this automatically, so know that your pool is always secure and protected.



Use your recruitment software to organise your talent pool. This means that when you need to utilise what is stored, you can do so sufficiently, this means filtering and categorising the data so that it is in separate pools within itself. That could be based, on the candidate’s skill set or by the year they first applied.



Once the candidates are successfully stored, within the talent pool, you need to keep them engaged with you. One way you can do this is by periodically reaching out to them. Engaging with them every so often ensures that when their circumstances change, you are there.




Exploring Employee Networks 

Employee referrals can extend your talent pool. In fact, according to LinkedIn, it can make them 10x the size. With an employee referral, you are guaranteed a much higher quality candidate that is easier to keep on board. Not to mention how cheap they can be to hire.



Marketing is an essential part of building your talent pool. It is your marketing that entices both active and passive job seekers to engage with you. This is the opportunity to showcase your employment brand to get candidates invested and ready to apply. You do this through engaging content and by showcasing your company culture.


Job Alerts

Job alerts also allow you to build your talent pool. They provide the opportunity for unsuccessful candidates to stay informed when new positions open and allow interested job seekers who may have not applied before, get altered when they can.


Work Experience and Graduate Schemes

There is a lot of young talent on the market that can be cheaply up skilled, making them a great asset to add to your talent pool. A graduate scheme is one way to do this, and so is work experience opportunities. This way you can support your internal workforce now and in the future by hiring the talent you know is of high quality.


Improving the Candidate Experience

All of this hard work is not worth the time if a candidate leaves your hiring process with a rememberable experience for all the wrong reasons. The experience is what keeps them engaged and committed to the process. It is also what can destroy your recruitment brand should you get it wrong.


If you would like any further help building and managing your talent pipeline get in touch with our team today.

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