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More Than Half of UK Staff Want Colleagues Vaccinated Before Office Return

COVID-19 Vaccinations

According to a recent Glassdoor survey56% of UK workers want their colleagues vaccinated before they return to the office. Yet 12% reveal no intentions of doing so.

However, 1 in 4 of that 12% did suggest financial incentive could persuade them.

2 in 3 also believe that employers should make masks and social distancing measures mandatory until everyone has been vaccinated. 

With 14% saying they would quit if employees were not all jabbed but required to return to work.

The survey of 2,000 UK employees found that 40% of employers had not yet communicated their plans of return.

While one-quarter of respondents revealed feeling pressured by their employer to return to the office as soon as their vaccinations had taken place.

Which the UK Government has made clear, it is a business’s own decision as to whether they make it mandatory or not. 

Carina Cortez, Chief People Officer at Glassdoor, said: “With the majority of employees appearing to want standard precautions such as social distancing to remain until all employees have been vaccinated, employers should be working on their office re-entry plan.

“It seems UK employees are unwilling to be rushed back into the office, so we recommend each employer must take into account employee feedback to determine what is best for their workforce, including a policy on whether vaccinations will be compulsory.

“This is an incredibly sensitive area, but the bigger opportunity here is to define what office life will be like, both this year and in the long term.”

So, what are the expected plans post lockdown?

Well, the same survey revealed only 9% of full-time workers would return to a 5-day week at the office.

With the majority favouring a hybrid working model where employees switch between home and office work, of which 2-3 days would be in the office.

15% also said they would consider quitting if a 5-day office week was required. 


Other key findings:

39% of respondents agree that companies should offer financial incentives, such as a cash bonus.

37% of employees report that their employer has offered the option to work from home over the last year, but unsure if these options will remain in place as the lockdown lifts. 

29% of employees say they have been given more flexible working hours.

18% say that their company has supplied the resources to set up a home office, such as a cash bonus for office furniture or supplies

14% have been offered more paid holiday time.

16% would consider relocating while remaining to work for their current employer. 

13% of employees say they do not have an office

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