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Self Improvement Month - How Continuous Self Improvement Could Save Your Career

Self Improvement Month - How Continuous Self Improvement Could Save Your Career


‘Self-care’, ‘downtime’ and ‘me time’ are all phrases you’ve most likely heard of by now but as September marks Self Improvement Month it’s time to remind ourselves how continuous self-improvement could save your career from burning out.

It’s an opportunity to assess how satisfied we are with ourselves and take the necessary steps to become who we aspire to be. Improving your performance at work can help you constantly strive towards success not only for yourself but also for each one of your employees or teammates.

The following tips will help you improve work performance by creating a more efficient workplace that thrives on growth and continuous learning…


Set the right expectations 

Setting the right expectations is extremely important and will ensure you get off to a good start from the beginning. If you fail to set the right expectations upfront, you may ultimately be disappointed with the final outcome. 

Have milestones and goals 

Creating milestones and goals will help you improve your performance at work by providing you with concrete metrics that can be measured to gauge success over time.

Do one thing at a time 

When you begin to take on task after task the quality of your work may deteriorate. If you want to improve your performance at work, a quick and easy way to make a difference is to focus on one core task at a time.

Don’t leave things unfinished 

If a task will take less than two minutes to complete, finish it right away and cross it off your list. If you frequently start a task and fail to finish it, you know that it can begin to get daunting or even overwhelming. Finishing a task before you start a new one will not only help you improve your performance at work, but it will also help you minimise stress. 

Communicate effectively 

Being an effective communicator is imperative, especially in a remote-first or digital work environment. Being intentional about the way that you communicate with your teammates will ensure everyone is working together and taking steps to achieve the same common goal. 

Take breaks

No one can operate to their full potential without taking the time to recharge. Taking short breaks will help you focus and regain the strength you need to conquer your task with excellence.


  • Signing off to indulge in a healthy meal 

  • Taking a short walk in-between meeting 

  • Spending quality time with friends and family after working hours 

Take part in regular training sessions 

We’re living in a digital era which means information is available at your fingertips whenever you need it. Take it upon yourself to improve and learn new skills via online workshops or free courses. 


Why self-improvement is important?

Think of self-improvement as a constant well-being checkup, with regular mental and physical health maintenance that can bring a catalyst for great success. Not only this, but it can be incredible self-empowering, having the power to make the choices that improve our career, whether it's reading more books, or joining groups or clubs that expand our social circle.


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