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Retain Staff with Employee Engagement Strategies

Retaining Employees

While it’s essential to attract great hires, you also need to have a plan in place to retain them. This needs to start from the very beginning of their journey with you.

As ‘engagement’ continues to be the buzzword of the industry, companies have started putting in place plans to increase productivity and retention

No doubt because of the long list of benefits it’s said to deliver, with the key being that ‘engaged’ staff are harder workers and more profitable for the business.

When engagement is made a priority, you will find that everyone is more committed, motivated, and loyal. This leads to better results for both the end-user and the company.

So, how do you create a robust engagement strategy to create a higher-performing team?


Hire Right

We naturally have a strong focus on candidates with the most impressive CV, and rightly so. The ones that prove they can do the job successfully through their extensive skill set and experience, but as the recruitment market continues to develop, we are beginning to realise the importance of hiring those who share the same values and deliver the right attitude. Not only to contribute to the business foundations in the most effective way but, to represent and build a brand from the inside out. And yes, engagement can be encouraged, but to truly achieve it, a sense of passion and dedication should be there from the get-go. We ask you, can the right attitude be taught like a new skill?


Encourage Leadership

Not only is hiring passionate and motivated leadership crucial to satisfy the workforce, encouraging new leadership opportunities is just as important. Superiors should invest plenty of time into understanding their staff’s aspirations and needs. This plan not only serves the employees but the superiors and the growth of the business. Set standards, show an interest in employee goals, share the ambitions of the business, and encourage and appreciate their cooperation. Implementing a development programme for each of your employees is a great place to start.


Provide Opportunities for Growth

Providing growth opportunities is not only crucial to retaining and engaging staff, but it should also be a priority to attract the next generation, as we discussed in our previous post here. But the focus shouldn’t just be for new starters you want to convince existing staff members that you’re invested in their development by providing growth in the form of training, mentoring and general support. Be straight forward and open-minded, make it clear the potential you see in them and ask them what they’d like to achieve. Today’s professionals want to have a vision for their career, so make sure you provide it or else they will seek other opportunities.


Recognise and Reward 

They also want to know that their hard work is getting the attention and appreciation it deserves not only to see that they’re valued but, as confirmation that they’re meeting and surpassing expectations. Simply encouraging the input is only one part of the parcel. Thanking your professionals is just as important to provide enough confidence for them to perform. Take the time to celebrate accomplishments and recognise employees not only through the schemes but in a way that’s unique and meaningful to them and what they’ve achieved. Intern, it will improve the reputation of your employer brand and help to attract future talent.


Ask for Feedback

Again, be open-minded by allowing your employees to voice their opinions. Ask them for feedback, and invite them to generate new ideas and initiatives. No-one can offer a better insight into what your organisation needs to improve than the ones at the heart of it. Not only will this support business development but staff engagement. Provide regular discussions and reviews to tackle any issues that may arise. This ensures you don’t lose out on your great employees by ignoring or simply being unaware of problems which can easily be fixed.


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