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6 Things to Consider When Picking a Recruitment Software Provider

Recruitment Software

Of course, you should conduct your research, but with a very busy market, it can be particularly difficult to cut through the noise and pick a solution that ticks the right boxes.

But, as a software provider ourselves, we know what you should look for. Technology is an investment after all!


Choose a Partnership

You should not buy the technology and have a done deal. The provider should build a partnership with you to ensure you get everything you need out of it. Consider what extra services and training they offer. Do you get a dedicated account manager you can contact? They should understand your needs from the ground up, otherwise, you will not get your desired solution.


Go for Bespoke

Go for bespoke and avoid off the shelf solutions. They may be cheaper, but we can guarantee they will not deliver. Remember, one shoe does not fit all. A provider should be able to configure the solution, so it works for you. Maybe they need to work with you longer to ensure it meets marketing guidelines or ensure that all stakeholders needs have been met. Whatever your specific needs are, they should be able to accommodate you.


Does the Experience Deliver?

The system should work for everyone. The hiring managers, the recruiters and the candidates. There are lots of aspects to consider, such as its ease of use, the level of control, is it easily accessible? What’s its integration capabilities, its longevity? the list goes on.


Does it Stand the Test of Time?

The market continuously changes, sometimes quite drastically as 2020 has proved. This means your solution needs to stand the test of time, by being adaptable to these changes. A system that is not going to be any good for you in a year is not suitable nor cost-efficient. Consider both your short and long-term needs.


Who Do They Work With?

As we said earlier, research is key, and one of the areas we suggest you looking at is their clientele. This can tell you a lot about a provider. Not only how reliable and trustworthy they are, but whether they have delivered solutions to businesses of a similar size and market. This would make them more likely to be able to achieve what you are seeking.


Do They Meet GDPR?

An important thing to look for is their data compliance. Do they have the certificates? How do they decide the ownership of data? And how is that data stored? These legalities should be clear from the start to protect both you and the provider.


There are so many other areas to consider, so if you would like any further help in picking a provider, feel free to get in touch or make use of this useful ATS Procurement Guide by our sister company, Recruitive.

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