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Why We Need to Recruit Like Santa!

Recruiting Like Santa

It’s that time of the year! And although we are all ready for a well-earned break, when Santa comes to town, it might be worth us getting some recruitment tips from him.

Hear us out…


He Knows Exactly Who’s Naughty and Nice 

Santa knows exactly who is on the good list.

He knows who he wants and provides everyone with an equal opportunity to see themselves onto the good list. 


He Takes the Time to Learn What People Want

He always takes the time to understand exactly what people want for Christmas. 

We should also take our time to understand what our candidates want out of their next role and work with them to deliver it.


He Does not Work Alone 

Santa works hard to deliver everyone’s presents on time, but he does not work alone. He knows it would not be possible without his reindeer and elves.

Be collaborative with your team, including your hiring managers. Get them involved when their input is needed and communicate with them throughout. Your employers are also a great resource to utilise. They can refer candidates and act as a brand ambassador.


He Embraces Diversity 

Santa fully embraces diversity.

He never discriminates towards any gender, race, disability, or nationality, and as a recruiter, we certainly shouldn’t either. We should do everything in our power to ensure selection avoids any bias towards a particular group.


He Always Delivers

Santa never fails to meet expectations. He always delivers on time.

We should always aim for a smooth and quick selection process for the benefit of both the employer and candidate and although Santa never fails if we do expect our processes to take longer than usual, keep all stakeholders efficiently informed.


He Thinks Ahead

Santa always plans ahead, as soon as Christmas is over, he begins planning for next year.

Be pro-active in your recruitment methods. Build up your own talent pipeline to save you time and money on future hires. Also, take the time to report on your recruitment methods to help you see where you can become more efficient and plan when you’d need to recruit in the future.


Santa is Always Ahead of the Curve

He always stays up to date with the latest releases.

Stay up to date with the latest technology and recruitment trends to ensure you always meet the needs of the candidate to ensure you stay competitive in your field. 


He Never Skimps Out on Quality 

He works hard to ensure the presents are up to quality. It may take him all year, but Santa ensures they meets the recuired standards.

Remember, quallity over quanity. Ensure the recruitment process delivers the best possible candidate experience and never forget to communicate with all of the recruitment stakeholders.


He Makes a List, He Checks it Twice

Santa does not make errors because who checks his list twice.

Do not dismiss candidates too early and consider adding them to your talent pool to fill future positions. Build your list then keep them engaged thereon. 


He Creates a Personalised Experience 

Santa may deliver to kids all around the world, but he always puts the time aside to have their milk and cookies.

Don’t be too robotic in your recruitment approach. Humanise the recruitment process and take the time to add a personalised touch, especially as recruitment becomes more digitalised. 

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