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Reasons Why Hiring Talent With No Experience Can Be Beneficial

Reasons Why Hiring Talent With No Experience Can Be Beneficial


Would you hire a candidate with no experience in your industry?

Chances are you’d probably think twice about it, but hiring talent with no experience can be highly beneficial!

It’s understandable to need someone who has worked in the industry before, or who has taken on a similar job in a different sector but hiring someone because of their potential can help you fill vacancies quickly, especially with the current job market and shortage of skills.

Here are four reasons why you should hire a candidate with no experience:


1. Flexibility 

Often candidates with little to no experience in your advertised job role can offer more flexibility as they’ll be more likely to be open to new ideas and ways of working to increase their knowledge. What’s more, hiring an individual who doesn’t have set processes in place can make it easier for you to onboard, train and develop their character to fit your company culture. 

On top of this, with so much uncertainty in the market, you need to be able to adapt quickly and having flexible working can allow you to change your focus depending on the company’s needs.


2. Innovation

Candidates with no experience can bring fresh ways of thinking and innovative ideas to the table. Although those with experience can still come up with creative concepts, there’s also a chance that they’ve probably seen or done it before. Someone new to the industry will have a new perspective on your market and organisation which can increase euphoric collaboration and inspiration from outside.

So, in order for your businesses to stand out from the crowd, seeking candidates with no previous experience may be your key to unlocking success!


3. True passion

Passion cannot be brought and it tends to deteriorate over years of working in the same industry trying to meet hundreds of deadlines and keeping up with constantly evolving technology. Hiring someone just starting out in their career and receiving suitable training in their first few months of employment can mean they’ll feel valued and truly passionate about the job role.  

After all, because you’ve given them the opportunity to learn and work in an entirely new industry, your new recruit will be eager to please and prove that you’ve made the right decision. Plus, positivity breeds positivity so by employing someone who shows a real passion for their career or job role, you’ll hopefully encourage other team members to feel and act the same! 


4. Preparing for the future

People joining the job market need to be nurtured as they’ll soon be the next generation of workers. A strong workforce should consist of a diverse pool of professionals and skill sets, focusing on candidates with room for training and development make great choices for filling diversity gaps.

In fact, apprenticeships and internal training schemes or programs show the value that hiring a candidate with no experience can bring. Before you know it, you’ll have the perfect hire you’ve been looking for!


An important point to remember is that just because your candidates don’t have any skills or experience in your industry doesn’t mean they’ll be without skills altogether. Many candidates will have a strong set of transferrable attributes that they can adapt to your workplace. 

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