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What to Look for in a Quality Candidate

Hiring the Right Candidate

Hiring the wrong candidates can have a detrimental effect on business. Not only because they cost so much to replace, but because they can contribute to poor productivity, culturally impact work environments, influence other staff members and they can tarnish your brand and social representation.

So, it is understandable why the focus is more on the quality of the candidate than the quantity.

The question is, what is classed, as a ‘Quality Hire’? Although a quality hire can slightly differ depending on the priorities of the organisation, and the role itself, these are the main areas we believe you should be hiring for.


Are They in it for the Long Haul?

What does the timeline of their CV suggest? Although candidates are generally less loyal as they become more and more mobile, the timeline of their experience can say a lot. How long has there been between each employer? Do these roles suggest natural progression and development? Or have they jumped around? Look for anything less than 24 months. Although loyalty can be hard to gain, especially if you’re not willing to put the leg work in, you still want to look for a candidate that is in it for the long haul or else your risk your recruitment becoming very expensive, very quickly.


Do They Have Proven Results?

A candidate should be able to prove to you that they can deliver, especially when applying for more senior roles. Can they easily discuss and share the goals and targets they have met? What have they previously achieved? How have they made a difference to other companies? What challenges have they faced, and how did they overcome them? And importantly, can they apply this to the task in hand? Do these methods prove to you that they could deliver the results you desire?


Are They Looking for a Challenge?

Can you see them developing? Are they willing to? You do not want to hire a candidate that is too set in their ways. This does not mean that they should not apply the processes they know work, but that they are always looking and willing to accept the next challenge. Employees that do become too comfortable struggle to accept change and can be less productive. You do not want your staff to become lazy, and as business needs change, your employees should be able to adapt to this. If they are too set in their ways, it also makes them much harder to mould to your way of working. 


Why do They Want the Job?

Although there are clear reasons as to why someone would want a job, such as financial stability and security, despite the number of available opportunities on the market, they can be hard to find, so you want to make sure they have applied to you for the right reasons. After all, if a candidate really wants your job, they will work at the highest level to succeed at it. Look for those who are passionate and excited about the opportunity. It should be more than just because of the benefits on the table. What extra have they done to prove their commitment? If they are really interested in the position, at the very least they would have dedicated time to research the company and the tasks that are expected of them. How much effort did they go to when applying? Have they brought extra materials to the interview? Like a new strategy or design. Are they eager to find out more?


Are They a Cultural Fit?

Creating a cultural environment to be proud of is something many employers are working to achieve, so adding someone to the mix that does not fit those values can instantly create a backwards shift. To ensure you only hire the right candidates, make sure to design your recruitment process, so it makes their suitability clear to you. You cannot simply rely on a CV to tell you this. You have to look a lot further than their qualifications and experience. Do they show ideal traits with their approach to scenarios? What do they look for in an employer? What types of employers have worked for previously? Use your current employees as a template. Could you see them working alongside each other well? 


If you need some help in finding quality candidates, then get in touch! We are happy to share our expertise and assist you in your processes.

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