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Pandemic Entices Three-Fifths of Workers to Make a Career Change

Three-Fifths of Workers Want to Make a Career Change

Normality may be returning, but the coronavirus has had a lasting impact on our lives, especially the way we work.

For many, working from home is the new normal, and some are even willing to make drastic career changes to ensure they can continue to do so.

New research by Aviva found that three-fifths of workers want to make a career change due to covid, with 10% saying that working from home is their main priority.

Their latest How We Live report revealed that almost half (48%) found working from home less stressful, with one reason being that there was no longer a commute.

29% also said it offered more time with the family, and 42% said it didn’t create any concern over what to wear.

In fact, only one in five said working from home was more stressful, either because they struggled to switch off, they missed colleagues, or didn’t have a sufficient workspace.

The study also found that under-25s are the most likely to change paths within the next 12 months, with 87% revealing they are wanting to re-evaluate their careers, particularly to those that offer working from home, as 13% of them said it made a role more desirable.

The interest to retrain also seems to have grown, particularly across the 25-34s at 14%, compared to 10% across all other age groups.

This resilience has led to 68% of UK adults spending more time learning or improving their practical skills during the pandemic.

Gareth Hemming, MD, Personal Lines, Aviva, said: “Adapting, learning, and evolving are the messages that come through loud and clear in this latest How We Live study. 

“The last year has been one of constant change, and even though there is hope on the horizon, we are still getting to grips with new ways of living and working.

“In all walks of life, the expectations set at the start of 2020 were dramatically disrupted.

“Property plans, holidays, work schedules and career ambitions were thrown into disarray.

“But the last year has shown that people are incredibly resilient and there have been positive outcomes for individuals and communities.

“They have embraced new modes of working, learned new skills and made beneficial changes to their lifestyles.”


Other Findings 

Interestingly, the study found that although 34% of homeowners have an office, one in 10 has converted either a shed, summerhouse or outbuilding.

A popular trend, which is expected to rise as 43% consider adapting their rooms or extending their home to supply office space.

Another trend which is on the rise is people making money from their hobbies.

According to Aviva, 10.8 million UK adults plan to add to their incomes with a hobby or make a full-time career from it.

For some, (14%) it’s also brought retirement plans forward, compared to the 11% figure received last year.


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