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Jobs Of The Future

Jobs Of The Future


The workplace as we know it is set to change, with huge technological advancements  making sectors increasingly automated and resources being outsourced, it’s crucial we start to plan for the future.

Despite coming a long way and learning new experiences, industries across the globe will see monmumentous shifts where talent is fought over fiercely, teams begin to self-organise and where wellness is one of the most important factors for candidates seeking new job opportunities.

Let’s have a look at the workplace in 2030:


  • There Will Be “Places to Work”- The best workplaces will have different quiet areas so that workers have choices to where they want to work, eliminating assigned seating altogether.
  • Smaller Individual Organisations - There will be smaller corporations. With so much opportunity for collaborations, there will be no need to build a costly big business.
  • Less Hierarchy - Everyone will be a leader. Work will thrive in teams, not with dictators
  • Big Emphasis on Wellness - Offices will be much healthier environments, whether that’s good lighting, relaxation areas, sleeping rooms, music, pets at work, etc.
  • Goodbye, Desk - There won’t be any physical desks; employees will just park themselves anywhere and have a simulated office before their eyes.
  • Robot Assistants - All workers at all levels will be using robotic helpers in the future like Siri or Alexa, to sort through incoming email, schedule meetings, create spreadsheets, etc.


Along with changes in the workplace we will see differences with the most in-demand skills that workers will need to develop if they want to secure a job in the future.


  • Higher cognitive-  Advanced literacy and writing, critical thinking, and quantitative analysis and statistical skills.
  • Social and emotional-  Advanced communication, empathy, to be adaptable, and the ability to learn continuously.
  • Technological- Basic to advanced IT skills, data analysis, and engineering.


Alterations in skills mean jobs will also likely shift, take a look at the top future jobs in 2030.


  • Virtual Store Sherpa- will focus on customer satisfaction through virtually advising customers using the knowledge of the product line.
  • Personal Data Broker- will ensure consumers receive revenue from their data. The broker will establish prices and execute trades.
  • Personal Memory Curator- will consult with patients and stakeholders to generate specifications for virtual reality experiences.
  • Augmented Reality Journey Builder- will collaborate with talented engineers and technical artists to develop vital elements for clients.
  • Highway Controller- will monitor automated road and air space management systems to ensure no errors occur.
  • Body part maker- will create living body parts for athletes and soldiers.
  • Nano-medic- will transform healthcare.
  • GM or recombinant farmer- will transform farming and livestock.
  • Elderly wellness consultant-  will cater to the physical and mental needs of the elderly.
  • Memory augmentation surgeon- will boost patients' memory when it hits capacity.
  • ‘New science' ethicist- will ford the river of progress.
  • Space pilots, tour guides, and architects- will allow pilots, tour guides, and architects to live in lunar outposts.


Preparing for 2030 will put heavy demands on businesses and learners. The digital economy is likely to favour data science and digital marketing over other areas. Recruiters and trainers will begin to ensure candidates develop upcoming and trending skills like DevOps, cloud computing and AI & machine learning in order to stay relevant and have the best jobs for the future.


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