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PO19 1UF

Technical Business Analyst

We are looking for a Technical Business Analyst to work in our talented and experienced Digital Consulting Team across pre-sales and delivery. This position will work closely with our Client Facing team to ensure a streamlined approach to service delivery by conducting business analysis and client consultation that will inform service design and solution architecture. If you can bridge the gap between the business application (product) and the technical side of its development by establishing vision, direction and the needs of the client into the product development roadmap, we would be delighted to hear from you.

What will happen when I join?

  • You will be personally welcomed by our department heads and your line manager, and given plenty of chance to ask questions
  • You will be onboarded into your team and work closely with team members to ensure you have the best experience possible

What will be my day-to-day responsibilities?

The successful candidate can:

  • Gather requirements from the key stakeholders by brainstorming, requirement workshops, focus groups, and others means.
  • Validate requirements by cross-referencing them with other stakeholders and try to get a buy-in. It is important to achieve a consensus against the requirements before we start building the solution.
  • Identify and understand business context, business models, vision, goals, objectives and strategy 
  • Understand and interpret the client’s business and technical landscapes to identify problems which may be limiting business growth and scalability.
  • Identify areas of business inefficiencies and opportunities to apply automation through the application of technology.
  • Run Stakeholder interviews and workshops to support the client discovery process
  • Understand systems architectures and data models to inform the design and development of new systems and applications.
  • Understand and interpret software analytics to inform the improvement of further software development
  • Lead clients in clarifying software insight objectives to ensure analytics informs business intelligence
  • Work with clients to map and model user and business requirements, plotting workflows, and processes to inform a domain driven approach to software design.
  • Leading clients and internal teams through an insight driven approach to enterprise software design, working with the Digital Consulting team to design software which addresses both the needs of the client business while addressing the central needs of the user.
  • Support the development team in providing user insights, workflow maps, process models and architectural diagrams to facilitate an informed approach to software development
  • Draw upon your experience with APIs, de-coupled service (microservices), cloud platforms, data, security, architectural principles, etc, to lead product and systems analysis for our client deliveries.
  • Collaborate closely with developers, QA engineers, solution architects, and tech leads on the architecture and low-level technical details of client products.

What skills and experience do I need?

  • The ability to facilitate discussion on requirements such as security, performance, scalability, availability, cost and operations.
  • To be able to break down business challenges and model them in the solution domain using approaches such as domain-driven design and bounded contexts.
  • To be able to learn and understand the operational context of the client’s organisation, industry cultures and ways of working.
  • A background in building large-scale digital products, supporting estimation processes, delivering to project-based time constraints.
  • A passion for coaching and mentoring our clients and your less experienced colleagues to promote a culture of learning and improvement.
  • To give client presentations, show, and tell sessions, Overview sessions to our clients
  • Apply knowledge, and experience within the technical development of web software applications.
  • You will have a minimum 5+ years’ experience in development, test engineering, or from a similar technical background, making a transition into product management.
  • Expert in Agile Development processes
  • Analysis skills in both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Good command over spoken and written communication
  • Elicitation and interviewing skills
  • Problem-solving and analytical thinking
  • Business structure knowledge
  • Process modelling skills
  • Experience in Web Analytics
  • Experience in Report and Presentation Writing

What is the application process?

At Unipro, we want all candidates to feel welcomed, confident, and ready to showcase their potential and capabilities.

We know pursuing a new career opportunity can be daunting. We strive for our process to be empathetic and considerate of both the candidates we meet along the way and the team members we introduce to you. Interviewing can be stressful and often filled with self-doubt or the imposter syndrome, and we get that. We’ve outlined our process in hopes that it will help dissipate any of those sentiments.

By the end of the interviewing experience at Unipro, we aim to provide every candidate with a realistic preview of their work-life in the company. Whether through the conversations with technical team members or with leadership, we want you to walk away feeling seen, heard, and given every opportunity to succeed.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Introductory phone call with a member of the talent acquisition team. Typically, 20 minutes or so, this is an opportunity for you to get to know Unipro, and there will be plenty of time to ask any questions
  • This will be followed by a video chat with our Digital Consultant to discuss the more in-depth aspects of the role and how it fits into the organisation (60 minutes)
  • Finally, we will arrange a second video call with the Digital Consultant and Managing Director (60 minutes)

Once a candidate has successfully completed each stage of the interview process, the team gathers to discuss each stage carefully. Once there is agreement, an offer will then be made. We will do our best to provide as much verbal feedback as possible.

Our goal is to have candidates complete the interview process within one week. However, we can accelerate or decelerate as needed based on a candidate’s preference and availability.

About Unipro

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to the needs and wants of our clients and to tailor a bespoke solution to whatever challenges they’re faced with. Our strength comes from a wealth of in-house knowledge and expertise and a drive to challenge the status quo.

Reading this specification marks the start of a fantastic opportunity for you to join our company - a company that truly cares for its employees and that nurtures talent and potential to further secure our position as a major player in the digital transformation workspace

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