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WD24 7RZ

Hertfordshire Mind Network (HMN) has been awarded Hertfordshire’s CAMHS Early Help Digital Intervention Service. The CYP Support Workers will be responsible for implementing and delivering this innovative partnership between BfB Labs and HMN. Together, we will provide a countywide early help digital intervention service that is accessible to children and young people aged 5-18, at the earliest point of an emerging emotional wellbeing and/or mental health need. The service will operate between 14:00 – 22:00 seven days a week.

Our trauma-informed model offers a range of support options for CYP, based around digital interventions and supported by one-to-one and group sessions, so children and young people can engage in the way that works best for them. The service will build resilience in CYP by working with them to develop coping strategies and solutions that will enable them to improve their own health and wellbeing. We will also provide advice and guidance to parents/families/carers and professionals to provide a holistic response to supporting CYP and creating a network around them to empower and enable positive change.

As a CYP Support Worker, you will provide online interventions to deliver this new and exciting, high quality service in accordance with contractual requirements, and ensure that we are supporting the needs and aspirations of Hertfordshire residents.

Service Objectives

The objectives of the CAMHS Early Help Digital Intervention Service are to:

§ Promote resilience and strategies that encourage coping and self-management for CYP, enabling a reduction in referrals to more specialist provision.

§ Increase the number of CYP who access evidence-based mental health interventions.

§ Ensure more CYP in Hertfordshire have improved awareness and knowledge about emotional wellbeing and mental health.

§ Develop an early intervention pathway for children and young people to enable individuals to get timely, responsive support aligned to their needs.

§ Reduce waiting times for CAMHS by providing a timely and effective early help service.

§ Help parents and carers to better support their CYP through access to relevant, clear and accessible information about mental health and emotional wellbeing.

§ Provide a safe and secure online environment for CYP.

§ Reduce the number of CYP experiencing a relapse in their mental health.

§ Contribute to the de-stigmatisation of mental health and emotional wellbeing.


You will be line managed by the CYP Coordinator – Early Help Digital Intervention Service (CYP) for Hertfordshire Mind Network but will manage your own workload, prioritising tasks and working on your own initiative.

Key Responsibilities (Service & Staff)

§ To carry Hertfordshire Mind Network’s values through the CAMHS Early Help Digital Intervention Service.

§ To deliver high quality provision to support CYP, using online digital platforms to provide one-to[1]one and group interventions according to risk assessments and regularly reviewed support plans. § To receive referrals and undertake appropriate risk assessments and make direct contact within 48 hours of referral.

§ To put any necessary safeguards in place for supporting CYP and families, working in line with Hertfordshire Mind Network’s policies and procedures.

§ To create and review support plans four weekly as part of your intervention.

§ To work holistically to support wider family members and professionals, around the child or young person.

§ To liaise with professionals and referrers.

§ To support CYP face to face where necessary.

§ To maintain and build positive relationships with BfB, carers, CYP, and wider stakeholders including those in health, education and social care, the wider CAMHS system and Just Talk partnership.

§ To record and maintain data recording of client outcomes, with the use of monitoring tools.

§ To take responsibility for inputting and collating data in line with project outcomes and monitoring.

§ To act as a positive role model showing professional and caring attitudes and behaviour towards other team members, CYP, parents/carers and stakeholders.

§ To work in a way that acknowledges personal, social, cultural and spiritual strengths and needs of individuals.

§ To work flexibly and where needed across HMN Centres and Community sites.

§ To be responsive when dealing with issues and escalating these as appropriate and necessary, in line with Hertfordshire Mind Network’s policies and procedures.

§ To represent the organisation at key operational forums including promotional events, acting as an effective ambassador for Hertfordshire Mind Network at all times.

Key Responsibilities (CYP & Parents/Carers)

§ To ensure CYP user involvement and a person centred approach are embedded within services.

§ To liaise with CYP, family and carers, partners and local stakeholders to ensure that services are reviewed and co-developed over the lifetime of contracts.

§ To carry out risk assessments in a timely manner and review these regularly.


§ To ensure compliance with legal, ethnical, regulatory and social requirements.

§ To manage personal resources and own professional development.

§ To ensure all duties are carried out in a manner which promotes equity, inclusion and diversity.

§ To promote a health and safety culture within the workplace, observe all health and safety rules and procedures as required and where appropriate conduct risk assessments.

§ To ensure that essential information of a sensitive or personal nature is not disclosed to or discussed with inappropriate persons.

§ To work outside of normal office hours (including evenings and weekends).

§ At all times to carry out every aspect of your duties with due regard to Hertfordshire Mind Network’s policies and procedures including the Equalities Statement.

§ To ensure Hertfordshire Mind Network’s values are embedded across all CYP services.

§ Maintain full accountability through supervision, working professionally and with integrity.

§ Undertake other duties as may be reasonably determined by the Head of CYP & Crisis.

Colleagues (Team)

§ You will be part of a wider team consisting of other CYP Support Workers, a Group Facilitator, CYP Coordinators and a Service Manager, alongside wider HMN colleagues and volunteers

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