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Is AI Becoming More Important In The Recruitment Sector?

Is AI Becoming More Important In The Recruitment Sector?


Artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven software platforms are rapidly reshaping the way businesses operate including the recruitment sector.

But, what is AI?

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision. When applied correctly, these technologies have the power to speed and automate the most mundane tasks and free up human workers to devote more time to higher-value activities.

This is especially useful for the recruitment sector as it allows hiring managers and recruiters to minimise time completing tedious tasks and allows them to focus on attracting or onboarding new candidates.


How can AI help?

AI can help recruiters attract diverse and inclusive candidates, creating a wider talent pool for future vacancies. Organisations can use AI-assisted recruitment platforms to source candidates from a variety of different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Instead of ruling out candidates for what may be irrelevant reasons, AI helps you look at the more subtle patterns in their career journey and take a more inclusive approach. It actually measures a candidate’s likelihood of success particular in a job.

Well-designed tools can help organisations identify qualified candidates with non-traditional career paths and a demonstrated ability to acquire new skills.


As well as diversity, AI also helps to reduce unconscious bias which is inherent in being human, but can lead to recruiters unknowingly favouring or rejecting candidates based on assumed ethnicity or backgrounds. AI-driven platforms can help prevent bias, and learn using data-driven decisions to not carry the same bias as human intelligence.

Candidates are increasingly looking for a level of personalisation within the recruitment process to influence their decision-making. AI-driven recruitment platforms can provide an abundance of opportunities when it comes to building this engagement, such as virtual tools and personalised videos from team members. This also frees up the recruiter’s time to source top talent and focus on building important relationships with candidates.

Overall, this AI revolution has affected all kinds of workers, and the power has shifted from organisations to employees. AI can help to adapt to such changes and could provide a solution for recruiters across the globe.

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