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5 Ways to Get Your Employees Involved in The Recruitment Process

Employee Involvement

There are lots of benefits to including your employees in the recruitment process.

  • They are a trustworthy, reliable source for candidates to refer to
  • It creates a stream of transparency and communication with employees
  • It provides the opportunity to explore new channels and talent pools 
  • Hires can be cheaper, easier to retain and higher in quality
  • It improves your employer brand and representation
  • Hires are more likely to be culturally a better fit 

And the list goes on. Not only can securing your employee's opinion add to their value in the business, but their practical assistance can prove useful to the organisation’s recruitment functionality.

Here are a few ways to get them involved.



Referrals provide a reap of benefits. Through incentives, employees can be motivated to connect you with a pool of new talent from their network. Not only can these hires prove to be higher in quality, but also cheaper and easier to retain.  


As Brand Ambassadors 

There are multiple ways to utilise your employees’ networks not only through referrals but through online presence and social representation. Using them as brand ambassadors, employees can get involved with initiatives, promoting, and interacting with these externally through their own channels. They can also assist with the reach of open roles by sharing these with their connections via relevant resources.


During the Selection Process

Involving your employees in the selection process can be more time and cost-efficient. Especially when scanning CV’s, compiling assessment results and seeing if someone is a cultural match only scratches the surface. But this process can be made easier. Who better to judge their cultural fit than those they would work with? A candidate has to be perfect for the team, not just desirable on paper. The return? A higher success rate. Employees involved will have the incentive to see their new colleagues succeed, meaning a return on your investment!


Video Testimonials

Video, as we all know, has proved to be a much quicker and affordable option to previous traditional methods. But we can go beyond using video just for an interview. Video testimonials are an effective tool in the recruitment process to sell the company through your employees, who will be far more trustworthy for candidates than a Director or CEO. What is great about this resource is the only time invested is the initial time to produce them. On completion, they can continuously be used with no extra cost at various points in the recruitment process, whether that is on your careers page, in your job description or during the onboarding programme.



But simple, traditional introductions aside for digital methods do still work and are a great inclusion for employees. Whether that is them giving candidates an office tour, virtual or in-person, offering half a day of shadowing or just having a simple 5-minute chat with them. This offers a more personalised experience. Something which candidates are more grateful for as our world becomes, even more, tech-driven.



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