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Are You Ready to Invest in the Next Generation?

The Next Generation

Graduate season is here, which means there’s plenty of fresh, new talent on the horizon eager to get stuck into a professional environment.

And although they may not have heaps of experience, there’s a lot of benefits to adding younger talent to your team.



Not having years of experience behind them makes them a much more affordable hire and an investment in the next generation of the workforce. Most fresh graduates know they need to work their way up, and because of that, willing to take a lower salary in exchange for experience and opportunities. 


Bring New Perspectives 

Being newer in the industry means they often bring new knowledge and perspectives to the table. Workers in the sector may have the experience to back their methods, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t outdated. If you want to update your strategies and hire more diverse talent, this is a great place to start.


Drive to Progress & Learn

They’re also a lot easier to train. Not only are they already open-minded with a natural flair for learning, but you can also train and mould them to your needsA blank canvas. Much harder to do when training older professionals. They’re also extremely hard working and much more willing to get stuck into any task given with a strong drive to prove themselves in the job market.


So, now we’ve sold you, how do you ensure you hire the right ones?



They may not have the experience or previous references to back them, but there should be other signs of how they’re committed to the cause. What have they been doing alongside their studies? Working in a similar sector? Completing work experience? Doing relatable hobbies? Aware and up to date with industry debates? There are other ways of judging experience, through volunteering, apprenticeships or internships, courses and training, part-time employment or placements and participation in collegiate groups. 


How Ready Are They to Learn?

Have they already been upskilling themselves ready for the industry? This again shows their commitment. Have they been researching and showcasing an interest in relevant training programmes? Do they ask about the training or mentorship opportunities you have? This demonstrates their willingness to adapt to your needs.  


The Right Attitude

The right personality can go a long way, especially when introducing them to a team environment. What attitudes are you looking for, and what ways do they showcase them? Are they forward-thinking and innovative? Perhaps by bringing you their ideas at the early stages of the interview or, how they've shown leadership skills through the relatable projects that they’ve run. The interview is the best place to do this, and there should less focus on their experience and technical skills and more focus on whether they will fit in with your brand and culture.


Can You See Potential? 

The right hire will be willing to go above and beyond to show a business that they can be trusted and relied upon. Are they demonstrating ways in which their skills will be valuable to you, possibly even new ones you hadn’t considered? Are they using examples to demonstrate how they previously applied them both independently and in a team? Are they willing to put the extra work and support into the business and their own progress?


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