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How To Accelerate Employee Motivation When Carrying Out Hybrid Work

How To Accelerate Employee Motivation When Carrying Out Hybrid Work


More employees are working from home more than ever before, leading to organisations across the globe being made to adopt flexible working practices. The dawn of hybrid working has led to employers being faced with the challenge of addressing employee engagement, diversity and inclusion.

Upholding company culture and managing departments can be a cause for innovation. While a hybrid work culture is the future of company growth, allowing clients and employees to work simultaneously from anywhere. In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at the innovative ways by which a hybrid organisation can boost employee engagement.


Keep Everyone Included


Inclusion is key if you want to build an efficient hybrid workforce. Having the correct leadership that encourages employees to speak up, be heard and feel listened to is so important in an inclusive culture. As flexible working is becoming a norm, there are some ways to adopt an inclusive company culture:

  • Design team meetings so that both remote and office-based workers can attend
  • Create or use a platform where every team member feels free to share ideas
  • Incorporate regular 1:1 catch-ups with remote employees for brainstorming or emotional support


Encourage Communication And Collaboration


Being located in the office it’s easy to take communication for granted, instant communication and being able to walk across a room can leave remote workers feeling frustrated. Setting rules regarding communication and explaining expectations in terms of how quickly discussions can happen to office-based workers can help ease any burden from remote staff.

To help employees adapt to hybrid working faster, here are some communication strategy tips to ensure employee engagement:

  • Record meetings and make them available to those who couldn’t join
  • Utilise communication outlets and project management tools to track progress and facilitate collaboration
  • Keep a record of progress made on projects or campaigns
  • Update workplace policies to include rules and information on flexible working to establish uniform and fair operating procedures
  • Managers could provide written email confirmation of the weekly tasks and upcoming deadlines


Promote Healthy Lifestyles


Remote employees often find “switching off” after work challenging, as many continue to work from dining room tables or sofas.

Workplace pressures can often leave people stressed and exhausted, leading to loss of motivation and lack of inspiration. A great way to show your employees that you care for their health and want to support them to be healthy is by providing access to wellbeing activities.

  • Add health checks to meetings to look for burnout signs
  • Create a safe and trusting environment to understand if team members need help
  • Discuss communication preferences and establish how to ask for help
  • Blend personal and professional updates while communicating


Reward Employees


Employee engagement and motivation can take a huge hit when workers don’t get acknowledgment from work completed - this goes for remote team members too!

Workers whose efforts and key achievements are recognised will be more motivated and willing to go the extra mile when needed. Try to make recognition visible to make other team members of your company aware of the contributions remote workers make. It could be a virtual “happy work-anniversary” card, company award, or a “good work” GIF.


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