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How The Job Market Is Changing

How The Job Market Is Changing


The job market is changing, especially as the UK’s economic climate becomes more unpredictable and employees increasingly worry about the cost of living crisis. Job postings are on average slowly rising in particular industry sectors, nevertheless, it’s important we keep a lookout on the overall job market if we want to see change.

According to the REC:

  • There were 143,000 new job postings in the past weeks– similar to levels seen in April 2022

  • There were 1.45 million active job adverts in the UK – a higher level relative to pre-pandemic 

  • Notable increases in adverts for jobs in the education sector such as school secretaries, crossing patrol occupations, and teachers

  • Three out of the UK’s top ten hiring hotspots were in the West Midlands in the week of 19-25 September


There have been notable increases in job adverts within the education sector as the new school year starts. Namely, school secretaries (+8.8%), crossing patrol occupations (+7.7%), teaching professionals (+6.4%), and secondary teachers (+4.0%).

On the other hand, driving instructors (-15.5%) saw the most significant weekly decline in active job adverts, followed by ship and hovercraft officers (-12.0%), and Floorers and wall tilers (-11.3%).

West Midlands saw growth in job postings in the week of 19-25 September, with three of the top ten hiring hotspots in London. However, the local area with the highest increase in job adverts was Southampton (+6.6%), followed by West Cumbria (+6.4%) and Telford and Wrekin (+5.3%).


The Recruitment Market

The job market can’t be expected to recover overnight however as it continues to not attract the number of workers it requires industry leaders need to change tactics. 

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