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How Are We Different to a Recruitment Agency?

Career Kinetics Vs a Recruitment Agency

We are not here to not tell you that agencies aren’t worthwhile using, because they are. Going to an agency can be extremely beneficial for many companies.

But what we are here to tell you is that there's more than one option if you’re struggling with your recruitment, and that's where we come in.

This blog discusses how we are different from a recruitment agency and how our services can cater to those who want a slightly different return on their investment.


Agency Fees

One of the main benefactors is that you receive no nasty agency fees when working with us. Agency fees are on average 18% of the annual salary compared to a single campaign cost. That’s why we work on a one flat fee basis. After discussing with you your needs, we will tailor a bespoke packaged solution that will return the best results. You’re also able to make as many hires as you want either from your bespoke talent pool or a single campaign with us. An agency won’t allow you to do this without paying additional fees per hire. Instead, over time we build up your very own talent pool, providing you with an ever-growing pipeline of talent which can supply you with future hires at no extra cost.


Brand Protection

It can be scary to outsource your recruitment, especially when it could potentially harm your brand if not done so cautiously. So, picking an agency you trust to recruit on your behalf is a task within itself. For example, with an agency, there’s a lot less control over the candidate experience. The agency may not contact candidates to inform them that they’ve not been successful which can create a negative candidate experience and risks your social representation. That’s why no matter what stage of the recruitment process we assist with, it’s done so with your brand presence in mind. You’ll also find branded adverts as the agency, not the employer. This means candidates aren’t given the option to research the brand before application. Giving you no brand awareness in the job seeker market.


More Time & Exposure 

A Recruitment Agency will only use 1 or 2 jobs boards and no aggregator network. These adverts generally tend to be the cheapest ones with no featured or premium placements. How we differ is that we use all 5 of the major generic job boards, (featured or premium), plus a spider network of industry and location-specific boards, aggregators, and social media to get the maximum exposure. We also have the ability to dedicate more time to ensure we deliver a positive candidate experience throughout the journey.


More Transparency & Control

Agencies offer a complete service or nothing at all. We build a bespoke solution that compliments your existing process or replaces it. We work with existing HR and recruitment teams to provide as little or as much support required, making us an extension to your business. Whether that's acting as a media buyer or utilising our resource team to help with candidate management & engagement, we have a workable solution to provide you with the level of control you desire. One example of this is by allowing clients to view unsuitable candidates. An agency will only ever forward on candidates that they feel are a fit for the role and not allow you to view rejected candidates, giving you no control or transparency over your talent pipeline.


Data Security & Ownership 

With the agency owning the candidates, there’s also the risk they could provide your competition with candidates that have applied to your roles. With us, all candidates are stored within your talent bank on the ATS and no other clients have access to this. They can also forward the best candidates to the client paying the highest fee meaning your competitors could be receiving better talent than you. With us, the applications are owned by the client and we do not share this data. There can also be worry around the governance of GDPR data. We re-direct all applications to our cloud-based ATS which is fully GDPR compliant, protecting your brand throughout the whole recruitment process. 


If you'd like to find out more about the services we offer, don't hesitate to get in touch.




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