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Branded Recruitment Packages

Recruitment Support Package brochureSpending more than £6k per year on recruitment? 

Try one of our recruitment packages starting at £5,995 to use as and when you please!

If you are currently spending £6k or more per year on your recruitment, then we can offer a far more effective streamlined solution for as little as £5,995 that you can spend as and when you require giving you full control! 

Our solutions include the following: 

1. Access to our cutting edge, fully automated ATS System

2. Fully Branded Advertising credits across all the UK major job boards

3. CV Filtering & Screening by our expert Resourcing Team

4. Proactive CV Searching

5. Candidate Engagement & Interview Arrangement

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The Benefits of a Recruitment Support Package:

Time-saving: Our recruitment support package can help you automate and streamline your hiring process, saving time on tasks such as creating job postings, screening CVs, and scheduling interviews and reducing your time to hire. This allows you to concentrate on the important tasks of interviewing and hiring!

Access to a larger talent pool: Our recruitment support package offers access to established job board platforms that can increase the reach of your job postings, potentially attracting a larger pool of qualified candidates. 

Improved candidate experience: Career Kinetics recruitment support package includes tools that can help you communicate with candidates more effectively and lead to a more positive candidate experience. 

Cost savings: By automating certain parts of your recruitment process using our recruitment support package you can help reduce the costs associated with hiring. In fact, it is up to 75% cheaper to use our recruitment package than a traditional agency and you will not have to pay agency commission.


Added Advantages:

  • Provides you with full control and transparency over your recruitment process.
  • Increases brand awareness using branded advertising.
  • Full control over your candidates – ensures your candidates are not being shared with your competition.
  • We have the expertise to find the perfect candidate for any position, in any industry!

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