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Candidates, this is Why Recruiters Don’t Get Back to You


At Career Kinetics, we pride ourselves on informing all candidates of there progress during the hiring process, whether that be after a CV screening, a phone interview, or the full process, regardless of the success of their application.

But unfortunately, not all job seekers receive this level of communication and therefore both recruiters and employers can get a bad reputation.

And yet with this not being a new issue, it is something that has yet to see much improvement, as most candidates still reveal it as their biggest frustration and share this via social media and on review sites like Glassdoor.

So, why is this continuing to happen when the technology and resources we have available today far outweigh anything we have ever had before?

Here are a few scenarios and explanations.


No Reply After the Initial Screening

Time is a big constraint, and unfortunately, many hiring managers/recruiters do not feel it is necessary to contact those who do not make it past this first initial screening. Although there may not have been a personal interaction at this stage, we believe all candidates should be sent an automated message at least. This shares their result, thanks them for their time and allows them to create an ongoing relationship with the employer should the candidates want to be informed when future positions become available. It is also worth noting that if they have set out for a particular culture hire, they may choose not to engage with those who do not meet those preferences.


The Job Offer was Slow

Even when being eventually offered the job, sometimes the candidate still has to wait sometime to be offered it. Generally, this is down to poor processes. Often, the recruiter has to receive confirmation from other stakeholders, such as a hiring manager but, if they do not have the processes to work collaboratively, this creates a time-consuming experience, often resulting in candidates pursuing a more responsive employer. It may also be because they were waiting for a response from another candidate. Recruiters may be reluctant to let candidates down before the job has been officially accepted by the chosen talent. And it is worth noting the seniority of the role that you are applying for, as this can have a big impact too. If this holds a lot of responsibility in the structure of the business, it may just mean there are more steps. Like more approval processes like a salary confirmation and even more time needed to ensure those involved in approval are available to interview all suitable applicants.


No Response After a Personalised Email

When you have committed so much of your time completing an application process it is no wonder you would want to seek answers after being given the cold shoulder. You would also hope that in doing so, not only would you perhaps find out the progress of your application, but you would also show your dedication to the company by following up sometime after. But even then, some recruiters fail to engage in this communication. Some companies, unfortunately, supply recruitment and HR departments with less funding than revenue-generating departments resulting in a lack of sufficient resources and staff. And with the time it takes to respond to these inquiries and them generally not being metrically tracked to review ROI, it easily gets classed as non-priority.


No Feedback

You may receive a response but with no feedback. Again, time and communication are often the biggest restraints here. With them generally not having any power or involvement in the final hiring decision, the recruiter may not have the feedback to be able to provide it. They may also struggle themselves to source it and with a lack of time can find it difficult to supply it. For example, if they are in a particularly busy hiring period, they could be back-to-back with interviews and therefore struggle to find the time. But this does not mean you should not ask. Not every candidate asks for feedback and if you do not ask, you do not get. The worst thing they can say is no, but at least you know you tried.


What are the best ways to contact recruiters?

  • Try to contact them directly through a work email
  • Connect through non-traditional platforms like social media
  • Connect with them on LinkedIn
  • Ask about the status of requisition, not just the progress of your application
  • Respond to emails and calls as timely as you can

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