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We have added a new page to our website! This page will be dedicated to our brochures and marketing media, which clients and prospects are able to download at any time for free.

We will be continuously updating this page with our latest materials, so keep an eye out!

We hope that it will prove useful in providing a further insight into the many solutions we offer including, our advertising packages, our managed recruitment services, our website design, our technology resources and so much more.

Currently, this page has launched with three brochures, one being a full overview of our solutions, two discussing our advantage package and three discussing how we can assist in managing an influx in applications.

View the page here.

Below are the full contents of each brochure.


Our nine-page Career Kinetics Brochure includes:

  • Overview of Career Kinetics
  • Recruitment Advertising and Candidate Attraction
  • Candidate Management Technology
  • Candidate Experience and Social Representation
  • Managed Recruitment Services and Resources
  • Careers Websites and Campaign Websites
  • Our Clients Advantages
  • Stats/Figures of The Result of Our Solutions


Our Advantage Brochure Includes:

  • Price
  • Key Benefits
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Managed Services
  • Extras


Our High Volume of Applications Brochure Discusses:

  • The Current Climate
  • Our Solution
  • Stats/Figures of The Result of Our Solutions


If you have any further questions in regards to our offerings, get in touch. We design solutions bespoke to every business to ensure they get the best return.


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