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Explore Our Client’s Vacancies with Our New Job Searching Tool

Introducing Our Latest Website Feature

We have recently added a new job searching tool on our website.


This jobs page aims to make it even easier to find the vacancies that many of the clients we work with have available.


Now, by simply clicking the jobs menu from the top of our homepage, you will be able to see the multiple vacancies that our clients have on offer directly from our ATS, making it even easier for candidates to find and apply to our clients jobs.


All of these jobs in our search tool are easily navigable with filtered keyword search, with parameters such as job category, location, and contract type, with a link for candidates to directly apply.


This means that as well as using our traditional channels such as Candidate Attraction Job Boards, Aggregators and Social Media Platforms to source candidates we can also further utilise more of our own channels by making a jobs hub on our website.


This further supports our mission to ensure that your jobs get the best possible chance to be exposed to a desirable audience to intern find the most suitable talent.


So, from now on, not only will our client’s vacancies be shared via our social channels, but also listed directly on the Career Kinetics website.


Feel free to view, explore and share the page which can be viewed here – https://www.careerkinetics.com/jobs/


If you need help with any area of your recruitment, get in touch. We have multiple packages available bespoke to you to find the perfect solution that delivers results while of course, reducing the overall cost and time to hire.


These solutions delivered by our expert consultants aim to either replace your recruitment process or be a compliment to your current operation.


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