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We have some exciting news. We have just launched our new brochure which provides prospects and clients with a further in-depth overview of what we do for our customers.


At Career Kinetics, we provide bespoke recruitment solutions using our own advanced technologies.


The aim? To significantly reduce your cost and time to hire whilst enhancing your candidates’ journey, protecting your brand integrity, expanding your candidate reach, and ensuring that you always secure the best talent ahead of your competition.


We do this with full transparency, giving you as much control as you desire.


In the brochure, we cover all areas of our solutions including, our recruitment advertising packages, along with our candidate attraction methods, our candidate management technology, candidate experience and social representation approach, careers and campaign websites and scope of our managed recruitment resources and services.


It also includes some useful facts and statistics on how our solutions have worked for clients so you can be sure you only get a return on your investment!


This brochure is available to download for free straight from our media page where you will also find more information on our advantage package and how to deal with an influx in applications.


Click here to download our brochures from our media page.


Or, feel free to get in touch and talk to one of our consultants today. Our experienced team represents all corners of the recruitment industry. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and the support of our advanced technologies, we will be able to demonstrate a better change for your business.


Our nine-page Career Kinetics Brochure includes:

Pg 1: Cover

Pg 2: Overview of Career Kinetics

Pg 3: Recruitment Advertising and Candidate Attraction

Pg 4: Candidate Management Technology

Pg 5: Candidate Experience and Social Representation

Pg 6: Managed Recruitment Services and Resources

Pg 7: Careers Websites and Campaign Websites

Pg 8: Our Clients Advantages

Pg 9: Contact Information

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