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What Causes Candidates to Drop Off?

Candidate Drop Off

Do you regularly lose candidates during the recruitment process?

These are the most common reasons why.


The Application Process is Time Consuming & Over Complicated 

About 80% of candidates will abandon an application. Why? Because a long application process puts candidates off, that is why for the initial application process, we suggest making it as easy as possible for them to apply. Do not take candidates to an external application form which will take hours of their time to complete. They will not commit that time applying for a role that they may not even get, especially when already applying for multiple other positions that day. Optimise your process so, it is between 5-8 minutes and still provides you with enough information to shortlist.


The Hiring Process was Too Long & Badly Organised 

When processes take too long to progress to the next stage, candidates can slip through the net. They do not want to have to wait a month after their interview to be told the success of their application, nor do they want to wait weeks just to organise that said interview. They will lose interest and put their time and energy into a more responsive competitor. Candidates need to be informed of an estimated timescale at each stage with outlined expectations when they get there.


The Process is Not User Friendly 

Is your process easy and enjoyable to complete? Another reason for drop off's maybe because your process is not user friendly. Candidates will certainly drop off if they feel like they have to jump through hoops to apply for a vacancy. For example, mobile optimisation is crucial. More and more candidates are applying for roles via a mobile device, so if your website is not compatible, you risk losing out on a big piece of the pie.


There was a Bad Line of Communication

With plenty of candidate management technology readily available on the market, bad communication with candidates should be a problem of the past. Make sure candidates are kept informed throughout the hiring process, from the moment they apply, to the moment they find out their success. This line of communication has to flow coherently directly and indirectly, whether that’s via a personalised line of communication, on your career’s websites or on a third-party jobs board.


The Job was Falsely Advertised 

Job descriptions need to be accurate. Candidates will drop off if they feel a job was falsely advertised. A falsely advertised role may increase applications initially, but it will certainly increase drop-offs too, making for a costly and prolonged hiring process. They also need to provide all of the relevant information that a candidate needs. Do they know where the job is based? Do they know the seniority of the role? Can they easily find your website to see what it would be like to work for you?


How can we help?

Whether you need ATS Technology, Candidate Attraction Support, Media Buying, Traditional Recruitment, Outsourced Managed Services, or anything in between, we have the experience to cater for all. Our clients see 67% less drop-off and get 34% more offers accepted. Why? Because our solutions ensure a first-class candidate experience. No candidate ever goes unanswered. We help businesses optimise every stage of the recruitment process, either taking full responsibility of hiring or working alongside their existing team. This gives them the level of transparency, control and support required to focus on the important stuff. Contact us direct to find out more. 


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