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The 7 Biggest ATS Myths Busted

ATS Myths

As technology advances and the recruitment industry changes, we find ourselves updating what once was our tried and trusted recruitment methods.

And why? Because to stay competitive, you must stay ahead of the game.

But, rightly so, many companies do it with extreme caution. And with the many myths that fly around the industry, especially when it comes to technology, it can be hard to understand exactly what you are getting yourself into.

So, if you are you considering an ATS but have some reservations, this blog is for you.


Every Provider is the Same

Every provider can offer a slightly different solution. Some may specialise in sourcing or some onboarding, but, despite the similarity as the goals may be the same, ‘streamlining the recruitment process’, 'saving you time’, ‘saving you money’, they can still be very different in their approach. This is why you should do your research, and book demos and/or trials with providers to ensure you find a solution which meets your specific requirements. One solution will not fit all. In particular, you want to search for a bespoke solution, one which is not ‘off the shelf’, so that the system can be custom built with your needed features.


De-humanises the Recruitment Process

An understandable misconception is that it de-humanises the recruitment process, and let it be said that they can if not used with it its intended use. An Applicant Tracking System is used to enhance this part of the recruitment process. It is there to do the mundane administrative tasks, so you do not have to. Giving you the resources and increased efficiency to dedicate your approach to engage with candidates. This is something we would never advertise replacing with technology. This part of the recruitment process is only becoming more crucial, and it is something we believe technology should never replace.


They Take Up Time

The system is designed to be the opposite, saving you time and money in the long run. But one of the main concerns is the setup and implementation period. No one wants to risk damaging their processes while initially working to fix them. When searching for your desired provider, enquire about the implementation time and the training that would follow. A good ATS should be a user-friendly system which is easily customisable and navigable, with minimal training needed to make the most of its functionality.


Your Current Recruitment Process Would Have to Change

The reasons for using an ATS is to begin streaming your recruitment process, so change is inevitable to make those processes work better. But this can be done at your own pace and built to assist you when and where you need it. An ATS is not there to compromise your current processes only configure them. Speak to your provider to ensure you get exactly the solution you desire and be there to assist as you implement it.


They are Not Suitable for Smaller Businesses

An Applicant Tracking System can be utilised by businesses big and small. That is not to stay their needs are not different, but that the ATS can cater for both. This software provides the opportunity for businesses to scale and grow with increased efficiency and support. Smaller businesses can still find a cost-efficient solution that delivers the results that they require, the same as a bigger business.


Loss of Control

Again, it should actually give you more control by being able to easily manage each stage of your recruitment process in an organised and efficient manner. When choosing a provider, as we said earlier, make sure you choose one that meets your requirements, so in this case, gives you the level of control you need with your talent. Whatever ATS you use, you should always get the final say. It is there to enhance your decisions, not replace them. If for example there was a candidate it deemed unsuitable, our ATS would categorise them into a separate pool for you to access, NOT delete them.


They Threaten Jobs

Again, another understandable misconception and there is no doubt that technology as a whole is changing the employment landscape. For talent attraction professionals specifically, it is changing the priorities of their jobs, as like we said earlier, one of those adaptations is by being able to offer a more personalised and hands-on experience. What is good to know is the World Economic Forum has predicted the creation of 58 million jobs by 2022 due to technology. This software should not be looked at as a threat, rather an advantage, as its only aim to make jobs easier, not threaten them.


As a part of our solutions, we can supply our clients with a branded cloud-based Applicant Tracking System. To learn more about our services and the solutions we provide, get in touch.

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