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Have You Considered a Job in The Betting Industry?

Online Betting Opportunities

This growing trade is set to be worth 92.9 billion dollars by 2023, according to the leading American consumer data site, Statista.

With more and more companies launching casinos and sportsbooks every year, the job opportunities continue to grow for people in a wide range of skillsets.

Here are some of the main areas to consider.


Customer Service

Like many businesses, betting sites also need 24/7 customer support, creating lots of customer service roles, as a result. 

But this customer service is not just on the phones, also across email, social media, and live chats.

So, if you have good verbal and written communication skills, can solve problems efficiently, and are confident in a customer-facing role, this could be perfect for the job for you!



Without a team of traders, betting sites simply would not function. Some use an in-house trading team while others outsource to external businesses who set the odds worldwide for thousands of markets on a range of online gambling sites.

Perhaps you have an immense amount of knowledge within sports or have particularly strong mathematical skills? 

Although it has to be said that this role does require flexibility. You will be working with data, in a fast-paced environment which does not always fall into your typical 9-5 working hours.



New features on betting sites and apps are always being rolled out, making this a particularly innovative industry.

With increased advanced technology, betting sites have a strong demand for developers with a range of software experience to help them build and develop scalable systems.

And not only do many established betting sites always need more developers but so do newly launched sites.



This is an industry heavily motivated by a range of marketing including influencer, social media, email and more.

It is crucial in this sector, as it is for many, to successfully acquire and retain customers, something their marketing department play a huge role.

Many betting sites are known for their extravagant marketing campaigns, making it an exciting and creative market to work within. And all it takes is the right bright idea!


Lead Generation 

You do not have to be limited to the providers or operators themselves. There is a host of other affiliate sites that generate new leads for betting sites. Comparison sites being one of them.

Through good SEO, they get huge amounts of traffic which they can then direct to suitable betting sites, and a lot of this is achieved through content.

Content gets posted onto the site every day, which often means they need content writers, graphic designers, PR executives, website managers and more.


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