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7 Ways to Improve Your Employment Brand

Improving Your Employment Brand

With the ever-growing use of review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, it has never been more important to ensure you have a great employment brand.

Here are some of our top tips:


Look at Your Online Presence

How do you stand in comparison with your competitors? Are you portraying the right message? Do your research and attain feedback from those who have experienced your culture first-hand, then use this information to improve and nurture long-lasting relationships.


Get your Employees Involved

People are far more likely to trust a business they can put a face to, which explains why peer-to-peer recommendations over other sources are far more trustworthy. According to The Drum, 84% of people say they trust them over any other source, which makes us ask the question; Who would be better to recommend an employer than the employees themselves?


Find the Right Messaging

What makes you a desirable employer? Is it your salary offering? Work culture? Or staff loyalty? Whatever it may be, make sure this is clearly communicated at every stage, particularly your careers website, as one of the first places candidates go to research you.


Ensure Continuity

Whatever stage a candidate may be with their journey with you, make sure that not only do your messages stay the same, but so do your actions. After all, it is much easier to say than do, but an approach that does not add up can have seriously damaging effects on your employment brand.


Utilise Technology

Technology is your best friend. By utilising technology, you can streamline your recruitment process, enhance candidate engagement and focus on delivering a great candidate experience that will reinforce your employment brand.


Hire the Right Peoplein

The people you hire will reflect your recruitment brand, so make sure you are making the right decisions. Start by incorporating your brand culture into every stage of the recruitment process to not only ensure they are right for you but that you are the right employer for them.


Improve Your Content Strategy

Content can engage your audience, but with more readily available, you need to get it right. The multi-media content you are creating needs to be consume worthy and relate to the target audience. Simply posting out your available vacancies on your social accounts will not engage them. Instead, share content that is authentic and valuable to your audience, material that will entice them onto your website to view said vacancies to which they would more likely apply.  

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