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7 Reasons to Hire Someone with No Experience

Hiring Someone with No Experience 

Hiring someone who has no experience in your role or sector seems backwards right? In most cases it is. 

For the majority of positions, especially those more senior, you’ll certainly need someone who has worked in the industry before or at least upheld a similar position.

This provides certainty that the hire will be able to do the job.

But although we say most, it’s not all. You can hire purely on potential, particularly for those entry-level roles.

Even if you are presented with a great CV with years of experience and success, that still doesn’t 100% guarantee they will succeed in your position. 

And taking someone on with little to no experience does surprisingly have its perks.


1. More Passionate

Having no experience means they are far more likely to be ambitious and hardworking because of it. Having just started out, they know they need to put the leg work in to get to where they need to be and will be willing to go the extra mile to prove themselves.


2. More Loyal

In this day and age, employees are less loyal to their employers as they switch jobs much sooner to get a better deal. But if you give someone an opportunity, take a chance, and invest in them, the chances are they will invest in you too and become more loyal to your business because of it, something which is becoming increasingly harder to obtain.


3. Adaptable

Being grateful for the opportunity they will be ready to get stuck in and expand their knowledge as much as possible. Someone with no experience will be far easier to train than someone who has become set in their ways, and with flexibility being an important factor in an uncertain job market, it certainly makes for an appealing option. They may not have the industry skills yet, but the chances are, they already have a strong set of transferrable attributes that will adapt well to your organisation.


4. Reach More Candidates

Extending your opportunities to candidates with little or no experience will widen your talent pool. Candidates will be more attracted to businesses that offer room for training and development and is certainly an option to consider if you have struggled to hire for roles with your previous approach. You may just find they make up for their lack of experience in other ways.


5. They Bring a Fresh Perspective

Businesses can get stuck in their ways, but to truly expand and grow, they need to be open to change, so a fresh perspective is always helpful. Yes, your employees with years of market experience will be knowledgeable, but having seen and done it before, it is also good to hear an outsider’s view. They may be able to present some alternative ideas you would have never had considered before and enable you to think outside of the box.


6. Improves Team Productivity

They can also help to improve the overall productivity of your team. Someone who shows a real passion for their job will encourage other team members to act and feel the same. Something which naturally fizzles out when an employee has been in the same position for a long time. Intern improving productivity because of it.


7. You will be Investing in the Next Generation

A strong workforce should consist of a variety of skills, knowledge, and experience. So, it is important to not just stick to the traditional criteria. Investing in the next generation will be good for the company now and ensures it is still progressive in the future.


Would you consider hiring a candidate with no experience? Looking beyond your traditional ‘perfect hire’ may just be the hiring strategy you need in 2021.


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