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3 Steps to Create a Better Work Culture

Work Culture

The importance of work culture has become apparent in the last couple of months as we have seen how valued it truly is by employees.

But it affects so much more than just your employee’s wellbeing and happiness; it can also have a major effect on productivity, results, and your employment brand.

So, if you have not already begun to revaluate your corporate culture, now is the time to.

These are the three main areas we suggest you focus on.



Show how much your staff are valued by giving some recognition. Express your appreciation for their hard work and success and make them feel like an important part of the team, crucial to achieving the collective goals. Whether that is picking an employee of the month, offering staff bonuses or simply, discussing the matter in a team meeting. 


Showcase Your Values

Make it clear from the start the values your company stands by and how you expect your employees should work towards them. Dedicate time to this during the onboarding process and continue to apply this throughout their learning and development. This doesn’t have to be done in a boring handbook which they may not fully read. Show them through company videos, team activities and procedures.


Measure Employee Engagement

There are obvious ways to make your employees happy. But to improve company culture long term, you have to know how they feel. The best way to understand how to achieve this is to start measuring their engagement regularly and communication is key. Whether that is through an annual survey, 1-1 catchups or an anonymous feedback box. If your employees require flexible work times, find a way of achieving something which works for both the company and the employee.


Creating a great employer culture is not a one-time fix. These values are an ongoing commitment which should shape your organisation, helping to give both the company and its employees a positive direction.

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