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Is 2021 the Right Time to Make a Career Move?

Career Progression in 2021

UK workers usually change their employers every five years according to LV= research, and as the work generation becomes younger, this loyalty is certainly becoming even less as people begin to change their jobs more frequently.

But, unfortunately, 2020 has not been a usual year. With the uncertainty that it has brought, many lucky enough to stay in secure jobs have naturally put a halt to their big breaks.

After all, making a career change is daunting at the best of times, let alone doing it during a pandemic.

So, is 2021 looking any better for a career change?

We weigh up some of the pros and cons.




Risk of Damaging Relationships

If your employer has worked hard to keep you on the books, it may not look good to leave now. Although we do not suggest letting this hinder your future opportunities, employers should value and reward your ongoing loyalty to the business if you stick around even when it gets tough. But, if you do find yourself in this position, try your best to be as accommodating as possible, you do not want to create any bad blood, especially in tight-knit fields. 


You May not get a Better Deal

Although getting a better deal can be a pro as we later discuss, it can also equally be a con. Unfortunately, with the damage that has been done to the market, employers will be wanting more for less, so there is no guarantee that the grass is actually going to be greener on the other side. Consider first if there is a suitable internal move.


It Could be Risky

If you know you are in a fairly secure job role, it could be risky to jump ship now. Although there are some industries still doing quite well, consider that it can always appear better on the outside looking in.


You May Have to be More Flexible 

If you are on the search for a job right now, you might have to be more flexible to secure it. Expecting too much from employers may slim down your opportunities considerably, especially when there are plenty of job seekers who have been out of work for a while and will willingly secure a role for the minimum return.


It May Take Longer than Usual

Although businesses know there is a need to hire faster, with furlough extended, working for home sticking around, fewer jobs available and considerably more applicants, the process of finding a job may certainly take a lot longer than it already did.




Surviving 2020

Just getting to 2021 having survived the last year is an achievement and many employers will congratulate those who find themselves lucky enough to be in that situation. With 2020 coming to an end and it being as bad as it has, it is no wonder you would be looking for a fresh start.


You May be able to Get a Better Deal

This can certainly be said for 2021. If your business has been struggling, you will find that those promised changes that you were patiently waiting for like a promotion, bonus, added team members or training, for example, may be off the horizon for a while.


Employers May be Grateful

Many businesses have made cutbacks to survive, resulting in the high unemployment figures we now see as a result. So, if your employer is still looking for ways to cut back, they may be grateful for natural departures.


There Could be More Opportunities on the Horizon

As teams have gotten smaller, there may be more career opportunities available in 2021 as businesses strategize their post-pandemic re-growth. Equally, this can also create more opportunities for existing employees who have been taking on new roles and responsibilities from which they can now grow. There may also be more options available as employers are more willing to hire remote recruits.


When is the Right Time for Change Anyway?

Yes, there is a lot of uncertainly at the moment, but nothing is ever for certain anyway. No one is indispensable! If you take away that stability, we see that there is far less to lose when it comes to change and so this could actually be a good time to force it before things become too settled and we find ourselves stuck again. It can be worth noting that if those changes were not to go as planned, although not brilliant, there are far better support networks now to help you. 


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