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Logistics Suffers, as 1 in 4 UK Hauliers Lose Business from Brexit Transition


Following the Brexit transition, a recent study revealed the impacts now faced by UK hauliers, with 66% voicing concern over the admin increase required to cross the border.

Haulage Exchange, a specialist UK haulage platform, asked employees from 32 UK-based haulage companies how they had been affected by the transition, which ended the 1st of January 2021.

The study revealed various concerns, including admin, redundancies and ongoing partnerships with EU-based companies, as 6% stated they no longer work with them.

21% of haulage companies also said that they had lost business, as a result, while logistic employees also took a hit, with 15% of companies making redundancies.

But it is not all doom and gloom, as some insights do suggest positive changes.

15% of haulage companies said they saw an increase in demand, while more employment opportunities have been created, with 9% increasing their employee headcount.


Here is a roundup of the findings:

  • 21% lost business.
  • 15% made redundancies.
  • 9% increased their headcount.
  • 15% saw an increase in demand.
  • 6% stated to no longer work with EU-based companies.
  • 40% said nothing changed.
  • 94% saw a negative impact following the changes.
  • 75% of UK haulage companies said the increase in waiting time at the border would impact their business the most.
  • 66% said the increase in admin to cross the border would affect them the most.
  • 50% of companies said they would be impacted by higher tariffs imposed on goods the most.
  • 44% said that less access to European goods would most affect them.
  • 41% said the changing of licensing and registration requirements would most affect them.
  • 25% said less access to European staff would most affect them.
  • 6% think they will not be impacted.


Sam Wilkinson, Chief Revenue Officer at Transport Exchange Group, says: “With the Brexit transition period over, our focus is to ensure users of our market-leading Freight Exchange platforms, Courier Exchange and Haulage Exchange, can continue to carry goods to and from the EU without disruption.

“According to our survey, delays at ports and paperwork are front of mind for carriers.

“To ensure they can be prepared and avoid delays, we are working with industry experts to provide educational content that will be signposted directly from within our platform. 

“We expect that freight will continue to move and Transport Exchange Group will continue to lead the way for UK Freight Exchange platforms.”


For the full findings, go to the Haulage Exchange website.


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